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From: Priest, Paul <Paul.Priest@gmr.net>
Sent: Wednesday, October 26, 2022, 12:47 PM
To: Joe Kuhn <jkuhn@teamsterslocal690.org>; Okada, Fina <Fina.Okada@gmr.net>; Benefits_Department <S_Benefits_Departmen@gmr.net>; Healey, Jason <Jason.Healey@gmr.net>
Subject: RE: Open enrollment frustrations

this just in:
The recommendation at this point it to open a ticket with TCTC, enroll for the plan that is available to them currently and then once the comparison is complete, these employees will be provided the opportunity to switch back to the Kaiser plan. 
Not the best solution, but this will allow us to make the corrections later.
Thank you for raising awareness on this. 
Joe, can you please help message this out to the members who may be affected by this.  Thnx~