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Planning Retirement

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If your Collective Bargaining Agreement contains a Pension Agreement, make sure you call the Western Conference of Teamsters Pension Trust (206) 329-4900 or (800) 531-1489 to request information or apply for benefits. If you are applying for benefits, you must file an application with the Trust. It is recommended that you file your application at least three months before your pension effective date. It is important to point out that the Plan has specific rules regarding retroactive benefits, do not delay applying.

Coverage under the Retiree’s Welfare Trust (RWT-Plus or RWT-29) requires an application separate from your pension application.

The RWT application must be filed within specific timelines in relation to your date of retirement -not adhering to the application timelines could result in a permanent loss of benefits





So if you are contemplating retirement and your contract included

RWT coverage please contact the Retiree’s Welfare Trust

at (206) 726-3341 or (800) 932-4790 to request an application and ask

your questions.   It is better to apply to the RWT early than miss out

on the benefit you have earned.

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